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Email us at ArizonaShihTzu@aol.com for our questionnaire … so you may have your own special furbaby to love! 

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Our guess is... By now you’ve already learned about Shih Tzus’ history. 

What wonderful, loyal loving companions they truly are! 


We’re glad your here to visit. 

I’m Jeri Raymo and my husband is Jackson , we live with our grandson Colin and our Shih Tzu furbabies … 

you guessed it, in Arizona!


 Back in December 2005 we moved into our straw-bale home Jackson built for us, in Surprise, Arizona!

We work in our home and this allows one of us to be with our dogs and puppies 24-7!   I’m a hairstylist and antique dealer.  Jackson is a buckle/silversmith, and in case you don’t know what that is... He creates hand crafted custom sterling bracelets and belt buckles.  So if your interested an unique gift, Jackson is the man to see! 



It's always our pleasure to share our Shih Tzu family!  They live in our home, socialized and loved from the start.  Couldn’t be any other way, raising our grandson here in our home he’s always lovin’ on a puppy!


Some of our dogs are Champion sired, many have Champion lines, some do not, although they ALL have sweet dispositions! 


Our dogs are all AKC registered , some standard and some the smaller tiny Chinese Imperial size. 

In the past our 9-12 pound Shih Tzus were often having puppies that matured at only 5 to 8 pounds. 

We were not breeding to create tiny Imperial size although...

God just planned it that way!  

Most of our Momma’s and Papa’s are on smaller end of the AKC weight chart, 9 to 13 pounds, some are tiny, only 5 to 8 pounds. 


We have so much fun raising our Shih Tzus!  

They are so  interesting to watch each week as the puppies develop physically and their little personalities emerge. 

We truly enjoy the whole process!


We’ve carefully selected our dogs, as well as which ones will be bred together to produce the best quality puppies possible with good confirmation and sweet dispositions… our puppies are healthy through nutrition and love.

We try to keep our prices affordable,  starting at $650.
depends on gender, size, color and whether you want full or limited registration.


Our parents colors are  solids and partis we have black/tan/white, solid red, solid chocolate, chocolate/white, red liver/white, brindle, gold/black mask, gold/white, solid black, black/white.

Many amazing colors, some that are considered rare. 


Our puppies come with a Health Guarantee, AKC registration papers, they’re Always Vet-checked, dewclaws removed, current vaccinations, de-wormed as well as breeder support. 


Please know our web site is not professional, so we don’t look as fancy as many… it’s always a work in progress, so come by often to see what’s happening… we have added family photos below.


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Nursery to see our available puppies! 

Momma page.

Papa & Stud Service page. 

Past Puppies Now & Then page… to see how the puppies colors change as they mature. 

Happy Families page…  photos of  some  of our puppies with their families.

 Family Letters page.

Grooming page with lots of fun photos!

Q&A page …

with Question & Answers we hope will help with any you may have. 

If you have one we haven’t covered please email us. 


We have also added a More Info... a Photo - Reference page…  Photo Fun page...  And see what grooming can really mean page.

Check out the funny photos...  “dogs in mud!”


Remember, Shih Tzus' are non shedding, they’re the perfect furbaby for your lap!

If your interested in our puppies please email us to get current photos and our questionnaire so you may have a

   Fur-baby of your own to love!                                 

Thanks for stopping by!                                                                                                              True Puppy Love!          

Look at our family below...             

Enjoy... Puppy HUGS!                                                                                                                                      

Jackson & Jeri

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