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Thank you families, we truly appreciate your sharing puppy updates and photos to us!

Prospective Shih-Tzu Owner:

I would recommend Jeri Raymo to anyone seeking a Shih Tzu puppy for their home.

Because of the demand for these puppies you have to reserve one before it is even born, which should make anyone nervous.  But Jeri was very good about explaining the reservation and payment process and she was excellent in her care and handling of the parents and puppies before we could finally take our Loki home. 

Jeri allowed us to meet the parents.  All of her dogs are very affectionate, and they are well cared for and are obviously used to getting attention. 

After the puppies were born, she provided weekly updates, with pictures, on the puppy’s progress.  She allowed us to visit on a regular basis so that we could see him grow and so that he would be used to us when we finally took him home.  She also held the puppies a lot to make sure that they grew up enjoying being held and petted.

Our puppy, Loki, has been everything that we wanted: healthy, good natured, playful, and cuddly.  And yes, he is stop-traffic cute.  I am very confident that any puppy that you get from Jeri will be the same. 


Bryon Hibbetts

"Looking for a special Shih Tzu to love? Look no further than Arizona Shih Tzu. My experience with Jeri and Jackson was exceptional. They are impeccable Shih Tzu breeders. The puppy I purchased from them is everything I hoped he would be and much more.

They are very warm and friendly people and were happy to answer all my questions and accommodate me. They extended an open invitation for me to visit them and their Shih Tzus. I saw first-hand the tender loving care they give to their dogs. I went to meet Jeri and the mamma and papa Shih Tzu. I spent a half-hour sitting the floor being showered with sweet Shih Tzu kisses. All the adult dogs have wonderful temperaments. I also visited when my puppy, Milo, was four weeks old. At the time there were also other litters in their kitchen nursery. It was obvious that the puppies were in excellent hands and got lots of love and attention.

From the day Milo was born, Jeri began emailing photos and updates. She responded promptly to all my emails. She really made me feel that I was included in the process while waiting to bring Milo home. Her expertise with Shih Tzus is second to none. Her advice has been very helpful.

My veterinarian raves about Milo and tells me that he is a very healthy and high quality Shih Tzu. My family and I absolutely adore Milo and his sweet personality. When we brought him home at 8 weeks old he was already well socialized and obediently used training pads. We are very blessed with our new family member and we owe it all to Arizona Shih Tzu. 

Sincerely,  Chrystal DeCeglia"


My experience with Jeri and Arizona Shih Tzu was nothing but positive.  We had relocated from Rhode Island to Arizona and Jeri was recommended to us by a neighbor.  I contacted Jeri and was thrilled to learn that she had one pup left from a recent litter.  Jeri was thorough in her questions of us.  She truly loves her pups and wants to be sure they are going to proper homes.  She kept my family updated weekly with pictures and information about our new pup.  She asked what we would like to name him as she wanted to start calling him by that name.  We picked up Dewei on December 9, 2004.  Jeri answered all my questions, had pedigree information available and I could easily tell from the environment that these pups were loved and well taken care of.  Dewei is now 6 months old and is such an important part of our family.  He is healthy, loving and as sweet as can be.  I would recommend a pup from Arizona Shih Tzu to anyone who is considering adding one of these darling dogs to your family.

Sincerely, Lori Andresen



Dear Mrs. Raymo,

Jackson is doing great.  Everyone in Flagstaff loves him. Wherever we go, people ask us "How's Jackson?" He is getting famous here.  He is a good dog and very smart.  Everyone keeps asking us for your website address because they want to know where we got such a great dog.  When my Dad goes to the ice dispenser on the refrigerator, Jackson runs over and patiently waits till he gives him his own ice cube.  It is so funny.  Jackson sits on the floor and licks the ice cube.  Jackson doesn't like to go potty in the snow when the snow is taller than he is, but he uses the potty pad real well on those days.  Jackson sure loves to give lots of puppy kisses.  Thank you for the photos you emailed me when Jackson was very little; we put them all in a scrapbook.  My Mom loved all of your tips on how to take care of him.  Jackson loves our ten year old dog named Daffney; they are good friends now.  Our Vet says that Jackson is a super great puppy and that I am doing a very good job at taking care of him.  I wish we could have taken all of Jackson's brothers and sister home with us, but I don't think he misses them anymore.  When you come to Flagstaff, please visit us.

Your friend,  Kyle age 7

Hello Jeri:

Jackson turned one on August 24th. Yesterday, we had a birthday party for him. There was 25 people here. We ordered a dog bone shaped cake from the local dog bakery. Jackson and our other Shih-Tzu, Daffney, loved it. We played games: saddest dog bark, loudest dog bark, squeakiest dog bark, and most realistic dog bark. We also played master says which is like Simon Say: "Master says bark, Master say rollover, play dead" It was a very fun party.

Can't believe it has been a year already.

Debra McCormick



My little Duncan blended into my family since the day one.  It was great experience to see his mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa!

He is growing just like his dad as you described, and we love his personality so much. He is calm and gentle, and very snuggly, a rag doll just like his daddy!  He loves to play and cuddle with his sister, Hana.  He gives her kisses every morning. that's so cute!

I am glad I made the right decision to adopt him from Arizona Shih Tzu, even though I had to drive 17 hours! :)

We love him so much and we always will.. thanks Jeri

Sincerely, Hae Kim



Just back from an outing to Camp Verde.   We are trying to make them into good travelers and they are doing well. They are both quite playful and have wonderful personalities.  Oreo is definitely finding her own!!  and Jamaa is quite the gentleman, except when she attacks him!!  ;o)  They have definitely found a place in our hearts and home.  We couldn't ask for greater companions.  They love being around children, which is important to us.  We feel that we were very wise to get two as they seem to be a lot of company for each other - of course they then get into trouble together too...

Just wanted to give you a little update.  Hope all is well.  Julianne 



Our new boy is doing great! My sister-in-law kept threatening to pack him in her suitcase she fell so in love with him. Coco was a little wary of him at first, but I think she is getting use to her new buddy. As for his name, never let teenage boys be in charge of picking the name! We now have Rambo Darnell to go with Coco Chanel. They liked that it rhymed. He has slept through the night both nights and uses the puppy pads like a pro. If I can get the two of them to sit still for 3 seconds I will send you a picture. He looks like a “Mini me” of her. Thanks for having such great puppies!!!



This is saber, he is the sweetest smartest most affectionate dog we have ever had.

thank you




She’s cute and smart--barked her head off when she saw the picture on my monitor of China Lily--so funny--she sits, lays down, retrieves, and sleeps beside me under the covers-everyone loves her and wants her!! So hard to photograph with black face and eyes--these are the latest I took in Ore. -oh, she has beautiful teeth, my dentist wants her for an ad--no big pop eyes--in fact, the cutest one on the island, or anywhere!!! Thank-you, thank-you- six people have asked if she were going to be bred--they think I'd get a black one-all love her color--still in a puppy cut- no bows- she's dressing in a costume for Halloween -she'll be a dinosaur!!  pictures when I get them--

Gerri and Gertie



I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how our little man is doing. He is just as sweet as can be. He is friendly and happy, he hops all over the place ( we should have named him hopper!). He is just a little fuzzy wuzzy, he loves everyone in the house. He is also extremely smart having figured out how to squeeze out of his pen and open the gate to the hallway. He is growing very well, he is almost as long as Gracie-Belle. His tail drives him absolutely crazy and he has to chase the tip of it everyday. The white tip just makes him crazy!

We love him to death, and are so grateful to have him as a part of our family! Thank you so much for such a super little guy! stephanie mecozzi and family







Hi Jeri!!!! It's me, Mitzy!! Wanted to let you know how my first week with my new family is going. When I came home that first day my mom and dad were very nice to me. They had all sorts of neat things to play with. I had a nice cozy bed and a really soft blanket and cuddle buddy doll. It's only been a few days but I know I already have them wrapped around my paw. Mommy gets so excited and claps her hands and tells me what a good girl I am when I potty on that puppy pad thing. The first day I was home I think I was too excited to eat, but now mommy makes my food in my own bowl that isn't too deep (and I don't even have to share :) I wake up at night sometimes and my mom and dad are right there to take me potty.
I miss my brothers, sisters, mommy, and you, but I think I like it here. I love to run and play "i'm gonna get you" with my new parents. They laugh at me, give me kisses, and let me lay next to them on the couch. I hope everyone else is as happy as me. I will write you more later and let you know how I am doing. Thank you, Jeri, for giving me a great start in this world. I'll never forget you. Love, Mitzy
Well as you can see Mitzy is doing well. We just love her tons. She is so smart and doing so well. Thank you very much and we will keep you updated.  Thanks again.  Trisha



I think your right on Male Dogs, so far Riley, at three months old, is already learning to sit & stay when I put a treat on the floor!  He seems to listen better and has a really sweet disposition.  He almost always stops on the landing for me to wipe his feet!  He listens better, less hyper. Although, our Granddaughter Victoria won't pick him up because she will touch "You know, his private parts"

When I call him, Sierra, our female Shih Tzu who is a year older than him, will actually try and stop him from coming!  So, I have been really working with her again about listening. Especially, since she took off last Friday and ran into the street :( almost getting hit by a car :( When we did our walks, which I can't do right now because she is in heat, we worked on "No Street" until she was told she could "go". Sierra was a nice addition to our family but Riley has been a real joy!  Thanks again,




Just wanted to give you an update on Cisco. He's a cute little critter, I haven't trimmed him except around his eyes and feet, so he looks VERY fluffy, but I hate to loose all the black tipping on his body area, and since we're in WA state, he's not too hot yet, weather has been fairly cool lately. His health has been excellent, and he's really smart. As you said before we picked him up, he's a leader type, not afraid of anything. He is sooo cute when he runs through the yard with his fur flying and a big smile on his face! (He really does have a smile!) He has the same look when he gets a shoe or sock that he knows he's not supposed to have and 'makes a run for it', then when we catch him, he rolls over and gives us a look like he just couldn't help himself... hard to get mad when he does that! He also has been easy to potty train, a major plus in my book. We have been really happy with him, and wouldn't hesitate to get another puppy from you.  Wendy



I just want to let you know how happy our family is with our little Max.  He is just a darling!  Such a cute personality.  He is over a year old now and certainly rules our household.  He is smart, sits up begs, speaks and is working on rolling over.  We all thank you for the "Love of our lives!"

The Kunbergers



I just wanted to give you an update on our sweet little puppy. She has been such a joy to have around. She is extremely patient and good natured. My son loves to cuddle up with her on his pillow at quiet time and she just cuddles right next to him, happily wagging her tail.  He and a neighbor are “playing house” with Coco. She seems to LOVE it!!! Coco will begin to wait by the door around 3:00, when my other boys come home from school and greets them excitedly. She loves anyone new that comes to the house and initiates them by licking their toes. Coco is so friendly and easy going. She has learned to hop up on the couch and run up and down the stairs. The vet says she is perfect and says she must be the “star of the neighborhood”. She will get a little sassy when we don't let her eat what we are eating. She yaps at us as if to say, “How dare we enjoy a meal without her” So, we toss her a toy to distract her and she is good for another few minutes. The whole family gets a kick out of it. I want to thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family. Coco has been such a sweet dog to have around! She is so affectionate!  Kathy



Hello Jeri,

I just wanted to send you some pictures of Izzy now that she's a year old. One is with her playing with her Harley steering wheel toy, which she loves. Another is with her birthday presents. She didn't really like the "dog" birthday cake. She prefers the real thing. Time has really passed so quickly, and she's a wonderful family member. She really is a people-person puppy. Doesn't even bother with other dogs, she loves the people. Enjoy the pictures. Maybe I'll see them on the website. Thanks! Shirley



I thought you might like to see how they boys look these days.  Harley weighs in at 22 pounds!!  Not an ounce of fat on the boy, although he looks like he's fat it's just his fur.  He's really too big to be a lap dog, but don't try to tell him that.  Gizmo is a shade over 11-1/2 pounds and is, likewise, lean.  I just got back from Mexico where I spent the past six weeks, and came back to a snowstorm.  What a treat!

 I think Gizmo may have some Labrador or Golden in him.  He ran the beach every day chasing birds...into the surf!!  He swam out to them but returned when he couldn't reach them easily.  He covered about three or four miles while I walked along.  Little legs just pumping. He almost caught a Curlew on day, by stealth.  Lucky for him it saw him and flew off, or it might have beat the crap out of him.  The Pelicans don't even worry him and they are three times his size.  Harley is content to wander the shore with me and Lucy.  There were baths all around almost every day.  My regards to you and Jackson,



Hi Jeri!
It's Kami, mother of Lucy Mae! I was just wanting to give you an
update on little missy! I can not tell you how much fun she is. She has SO
much personality, Lucy is a cuddler and loves to have her little belly
rubbed! Lucy has the longest eye lashes I have ever seen on a dog, she is
gorgeous! She loves to play outside in the backyard. Hope all is well, the new babies are SO CUTE!!!!! Lucy may need a friend to play with...:) 

Enjoy!  Kami and Lucy Mae


Hi Jeri,

I thought I would send you a picture of Lacy. I can't say enough about her. she is such a sweet girl, loves everyone that comes to the house. She thinks everyone who comes over is there to see her. She is my only dog who doesn't bark at everyone who walks through the door. We couldn't love her more if there were two of her.  Kim



With Peggatty in my life, I think of you often. Peggatty is only 8 pounds. Her coat has lightened considerably and her tail plumes over her back and falls nearly to the floor. Peggatty is a joyful companion, at any place, and any circumstance. She has a quiet and calm temperament; doesn't fuss or beg and doesn't frighten easily. I've made two roundtrip flights with her wherein she travels in a travel bag placed under the seat in front of me. While in the terminals, she enjoys having her head out the top of the case and delights seeing all the people and new sites. She is very well behaved with adults, children, and other animals. Of course, she's always in my arms or on lead beside me so the commotion and clamor of travel doesn't cause her any alarm. She enjoys going to the veterinary for routine visits. She had to stay overnight once when she was very young, and I was told she behaved wonderfully. Jeri, she will literally watch something new to her, as if in contemplation---that's an extraordinary smart dog!! She follows me from room to room and takes every step with me when attending chores about the house. She watches everything I do as if she's a student. Even the vacuums don't bother her. She's far from being a pansy-wamsy.

Peggatty is very, very smart. She walks correctly on lead so you don't even know she's beside you. She follows the speed of my gait and sits when I stop. She is truly a marvel---she does everything she's been taught to date so very well. She's also very playful. When asked to go for her ball or donut, she first goes to her toy box; if they aren't there, she searches throughout the house until she finds the one requested. She wants to play retrieve each morning after her breakfast, and again each evening after's a daily routine with her.

As I take her anywhere she can go, people are compelled to remark about her good behavior. When she was younger, everyone would remark how "cute" she was people remark how "beautiful" she is. She's all that, but only her Mommy knows she's also very sweet, cute and funny. I love her more each day.

Ann Bright


Just sending an updated picture of Maya Joy. She is 1 year old on June the 4th. We are so happy with her and just love her so much. Thanks again.

Paul & Evelyn


Gnocchi has turned out to be a wonderful addition to our family! She is full of exuberance and loves people as well as other dogs. She loves giving everyone “kisses” all day long. I have attached some newer pictures of her. Her parents were Remington and Yesenia. She is now a 1 Year and 8 months old, and weighs 6.75 lbs. I would definitely recommend you to all my friends and family.  Adam Brennan


I have been meaning to write you for some time to tell you Thank You once again for our beautiful puppy, KoKo.  She is so beautiful, has China's eyes and markings and so very very smart and loving!!  She took to the papers immediately and was anxious to join our other two out the doggie door by 3 months.  We let her go outside at 4 months, after her shots and she had NO problem learning how the doggie door worked!   I would love to sit and chat about her, how funny she is, how charming, how loveable, the many many kisses she loves to give...oh my goodness she is the most precious thing!  She is just 7 pounds, we think she my stay there, not too petite, but smaller than my other 2, which is just right and what I wanted.  If she does get a little bigger, that is ok too.  I brush her every day,(NOT her favorite thing!) so she has not been to the groomer yet.  She has such beautiful makings that I don’t want to have cut off!  Her Brown is tipped with black and I know that would be gone, once she is cut.  I love her top knot and she lets me do that without trouble each day. She has the same black markings on her eye brows that really show up in a top knot  Well, we are a very proud Mommy and Daddy and cant thank you enough.

Thanks, Ali and David Bellerson


Presley turned one years old on September 7th!  We celebrated with decorations, cake and some treats.  We've never done this with or past pooches, so it was fun and memorable for my children.  I'll forward some photos on to you, when I get a chance.  Presley also weighed in at 9.4.  PERFECT in every way.  We love him so---Hallie


Boy Jazzy is nearly 10 months old!  We absolutely love her, she is such a sweet pup.  She has to be near someone every minute some one is home.  She doesn't care what your doing, could be doing laundry and she's right there! 
Jazzy is only about 6 pounds, she is very very tiny, people ask if she is a toy.  But I tell them no, she's just a pup, but I dont know now, she is nearly a year.
She is potty pad trained,. We started taking her to a puppy class, just to get the basics, she's very easy to train.  If you ask her to roll over, she'll roll right over on her back.
I would love a little sister for Jazzy, thinking about that one!
Lynne Armijo