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We added a page to share our fun photos, what grooming really means… and a Look-A-Like Contest results!


Recently our friend made the comment that our dogs look perfect on our website although don’t always look as they do on our website... Now we do try our best to keep them always groomed and clean... Although...  LOL...

We gave what she said some thought and she’s correct, so we decided to show off a few old fun photos so you’ll all know...

Grooming isn’t always easy to keep a Shih Tzu looking sweet!

Below is some of my all time favorite photos...

I call Summer Fun! 

Jackson decided to drain the pool and I didn’t know his plan and let the dogs out. 

You know the song, “Who Let the Dogs Out?”  Well, that was exactly what Jackson was asking after our babies ran a muck in the mud!

A face a Momma can love!


We provide our puppy buyers with lots of information on Grooming  their new furbabies!

Here’s a little bit of what we share…

Grooming is a must for Shih Tzus... As with any baby, you want to keep their important parts clean! Sometimes stool gets on their fur and dries hard which prevents them from being able to pass another bowel movement, so it's very important to check and clean everyday. Check their eyes everyday, Shih Tzus' often have drainage caused from the fur around their eyes that can often irritate it. Carefully wash with a damp soft cloth, also the fur around the eye to prevent it from staining. Some believe dogs need dog shampoo for it's special PH balance. I personally like to use "no more tears Johnson's baby shampoo" just in case the shampoo gets in their eyes it won't hurt as much.

Know that your Shih Tzu is a high maintenance dog.

Need to be brushed once a day or clipped into a puppy cut on a regular basis.



Sharing below a look alike contest that one of our puppy owner won! 

How COOL is that!?!

Here’s what she sent to us…

Hello Jeri, Hope all is well, I wanted to let you know that Izzy and I won the pet look-alike contest this past week.  There was a newspaper article about us in Friday’s paper, July 24th.  I mentioned your name as the breeder but they didn’t include that in the article.  We love our girl and she is such a joy.  Keep in touch!  Shirley and Izzy






























Look below at some more of our favorite photos... showing how wonderful Shih Tzus’ are with children. 

Getting kisses and having a fun time!

 Love a Puppy … they will love you back!