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Wonderful Shih Tzu's

Jeri and Family at Az Shih Tzu are wonderful breeders, very knowledgeable and sincere. They want the best homes for their new puppies and are thorough with their contracts. They are definitely breeding to improve the breed, with the most beautiful, healthy puppies you will ever see! Thank you Jeri, we could not love her more!



Arizona Shih Tzu by Jeri and Jackson is a home with quality care and attention to detail for each and every Shih Tzu. I have had the opportunity to work as an assistant in their home when visiting from out of town and can honestly say that the love and support they have always given to their children is now a part of their breeding service as well. I highly recommend their puppies because they provide top notch care without taking any shortcuts and each and every one is given plenty of TLC!!!


Two Thumbs Up!

Recently in June 2008, we received our puppy, Coco Chanell. Our entire family has fallen in love with her. She is all I have wanted and then some. Her disposition is sweet and she is just a living doll. Not only is she sweet and healthy. She is absolutely gorgeous. I cannot express my gratitude of appreciation to Jeri and her breeding program at Arizona Shih Tzu. Coco is a delight. I would give my highest recommendation to Arizona Shih Tzu. Everything from the initial contact, photo updates, to the delivery of Coco from AZ to California was done with forethought and extreme professionalism. As a first time Shih Tzu owner, buying out of state, I was pleased and extremely happy with my experience. It is nice to see a person like Jeri who is genuine and willing to walk me through this journey. For this I am truly grateful and would give Arizona Shih Tzu an excellent review. Two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Kay


My Shih Tzu....

Arizona shih tzu breeds unbelievably gorgeous, big eyed, fluffy, well behaved shih Tzus. Arizona Shih Tzu explained to me (a new dog owner) about the breed and what I needed to do to care for my new baby! So, the quality of the dog was gorgeous. The service was extraordinary. And the value was priceless!!! Overall I am honored to have my doggie and I always recommend them to everyone who asks where I got my dog from. Thank You for bringing so much joy in my life I never had before. Love, Virginia and Zorro


Most adorable,lovable, healthy & playful Shih Tzus

Jeri @ AZ Shihtzu is extremely courteous and knowledgeable - best dog buying experience of my life. Choose a dog from them and you'll get a puppy with exceptional genes, i.e. good conformation, teeth, eyes & lush coat. Pasha, our little black & white girl, will be two in June and has completely won our hearts. I have no doubts everyone will share my wonderful experience at Arizona Shih Tzu!! Robert


Adorable, loving ShihTzu's!!

We couldn't be more pleased or happy with our beautiful Zooey from AZ Shih Tzu. She is the cutest, funniest, most loving dog I have been with. She is the love of our lives and I credit this to the wonderful loving care of her "first family" at AZ Shih Tzu. Sherry


Arizona Shih Tzus are the BEST!!

Jeri at Arizona Shih Tzu is a wonderful person and an excellent breeder.. As a breeder myself, I value Jeri's opinion and advice because she is very knowledgeable about the Shih Tzu breed. Her dogs are exceptional. I'm lucky enough to own one and she is the most precious little dog I've ever had. It's obvious that Jeri breeds for beauty, health and temperament. I would highly recommend Jeri to anyone looking to buy a Shih Tzu baby! Nanci



We purchased our little girl Teya about a year ago, and couldn't be happier. Jeri was very helpful through the entire process. Having been a long time breeder and shower of Yorkshire Terriers, I know what a good breeder is made of and I had to give Jeri 5 stars in all the categories. Jan


AZ Shih Tzu only place to go to get a best friend!

AZ Shih Tzu is absolutely wonderful. Jeri is so fantastic. She answers all your questions and responds to emails quickly. Our precious Lucy is turning 1 on May 16 and I just can't imagine life without her. Lucy is the best dog ever, she's beautiful and so much fun. Thanks to AZ Shih Tzu for providing us with a beautiful, healthy and loving addition to our family... Elsy


Our two puppies

Our puppies have been great quality. Jeri was excellent with responding to e-mail questions and provided a large range of information so we were properly prepared to raise the puppies.



It is extremely difficult not to get personal about the quality and the service that was provided to us because the service was very personal, not only to the puppy that was supplied to us but to our family as well. You found out that I was disabled and that we had just lost our puppy of 14 years in January, we were not going to be able to get to you until Monday and this was a Friday. You agreed to hold the puppy and also delivered it to our home for us. The puppy is a living doll. She has become the center of attention in our family and everywhere we go. She has such a good temperament and is great around everyone that comes and goes in our home and better yet she has taken to my wheelchair like it is nothing new or different, she walks right along beside it like a champ and has never shown any fear. She has become the love of our lives. We are also planning on training her to be a Service Dog, all 4lb. 9ozes. of her at 7 months old now. We cannot thank you enough for Hunnie,. You definitely went above and beyond for us and we appreciate everything you did. We truly appreciate Hunnie!


Baby is doing great.

He's loving, smart, sweet, and overall a great dog. I can't imagine not having him in my life and he's definitely man's best friend. As I said before I love him so much I'm considering getting another.



Riley turned 2 years old today!

Of course we had to take some birthday pictures of him. I have attached them for you to see and enjoy. He is TOO adorable and we just love him. These past two years have flown with him, but they have been so rewarding and filled with love.

Take care,



Hope this finds you well and enjoying life. We think of you often--particularly in relation to the role you played in our obtaining this energetic, funny, unbearably cute, and extremely lovable companion and bundle of joy who has enhanced (and utterly changed!) our lives forever. I am referring, of course, to Sushi. The three of us have been inseparable since the day we brought her home and it is already hard to imagine life without her. She makes us laugh every day, which can only be a good thing--right? I swear, comments regarding her over-the-top cuteness, sweetness, and lovability are uttered no less than a dozen times daily, and not just by us! What a character she is.  Also, she is a great little car traveler, she has been on bike rides in Michael's bike basket, and has provoked much attention is this little "pet pouch" we have for her. Take care. Give our regards to Jackson and all the pups!   Celie


Samson is just wonderful.

He has been such a wonderful family member. We love him lots. He recently starting attending some playtime classes and has made some new friends. Its really funny he loves to go to his play day class. We are thinking of sending him once a week so he can have some friends to play with. He loves to take walks and eats lots. He's learned how to sit, lay, stay and kiss. He's so well mannered he doesn't wake us until 5:00 a.m. in the morning and then he comes upstairs and sleeps with us. He's learned to bark not much but we have a neighbor with a dog and he barks so Samson barks. He whimpers more than anything else. He has so, so many toys to play with and he's very good about his potty area. I've included some photos... I hope you like them. We have so many. Oh, he loves to take rides in the car.

Armin & Trisha


I just love him to death!

Just wanted to update you on our wonderful little Charlie. This dog is something else. Everyone who has met him raves about him. He takes over a room full of people. Friendly, loving, SMART, limitless energy, eats like a horse, loves to get "naughty" attention, and just downright great breeding. People always remark on how nice looking he is when we walk him in the park. I love the way he is built: stocky, compact, short back, perfect legs, nice coat, beautiful face, sharp eyes, great confirmation. He blended right into our family. He runs circles around Brady and Andy, who are sometimes not too fond of him. We have to make sure each of my "kids" gets the same attention, but Charlie trys to get it all. It's hard to capture his beauty in pics, he is much cuter in person. He has some chocolate on his face and I love his salt n'pepper tail. He is truely unique. Thanks again for the opportunity of purchasing a great pup!


Our "boys" want you to know that they are quite settled into the Las Vegas life . We are "all" going on a 4 to 5 week car trip into the mid west and up into the upper portion of WI. It will be a fun time. They love to ride already. We go for rides several times a week. The rest of the training is coming along. I think that they will have both Dennis and Myself just about where they want us anytime now. Rusty tips the scale at 4.2 pounds and Dusty at 8.4 pounds.

Mary & Dennis


Sweetest Shih Tzu's
We just love our little guy. He is the most affectionate of all our three shih tzu's, and of course he is the one we were lucky to get from
Jeri. Jeri and her husband seem to really love the breed and they take such great care of them until the new mommies and daddies get to have them. I would recommend them to anyone, and I already have!

We love to tell you about our newest little fur baby. First off we changed his name from Alex to Bandit. We thought he looked like he had a mask on his eyes and he is quite mischievous, so we thought the name fit :) He is doing fantastic. He fits in great with our other two shih tzu's and with us-of course. He loves to cuddle and we swear he hugs us! He was neutered when he was almost 8 mos old. He had to wait because the vet wanted him to weigh more. Right now he is around 9 lbs. He is smaller than our other two at 14 lbs, but we just love it! It's like he is still a little puppy. We hope all is well with you and your family (humans and dogs alike-lol). My little girl wants to know how Zoe is. We are so grateful we found you. I wish we could have a dozen shih tzu's, they are the best dogs around!!!!!!!
Sincerely, Melisa & Family

Tai Mingtu, is precious and is Miss Personality plus. I would have more if I could. Her hair is beautiful . She has lost her dark hair as we knew she would, but her coloring is beautiful. I sure enjoyed receiving the pictures you sent when I was so impatiently waiting to bring her home. Thanks so much,

Mary Lou Burdulis


I have thought so many times to email you and update you on our Cooper and Rigby.  They will be 2  on February 15th.  We love our little guys.  Cooper the black and white one is a whopping 18 lbs.  He is not over weight, but rather has the stature to match.  Rigby weighs in at about 8 and ˝ pounds.  They are both very loving and sweet dogs.

Amy Smith



Jeri, It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by!  Grissom is 1 year old today.  He weighs in at 9 lbs.  What a great year with him.  He is so very smart, potty trained in only three days and uses the doggy door, said Mama and I love you at 4 months and loves to do tricks.  He has impressed everyone!  His vet Dr. Amanda Dudley said he is the best bred Shih Tzu she has ever seen.  His coat is amazing and he LOVES to be brushed and combed everyday (sometimes I will do it for an hour just  because he loves it).  He is great with kids, dogs and even the neighbor cat.  He’s funny too and loves to watch TV.  I  could go on and on about him!  We love him so much and know that he is so great because of you and the care you take in breeding.   Thank you so very much Jeri for “making” him.  Life would not be the same without him here.  He has brought us so much joy, love and laughter!  God Bless you and yours  Robin Slate



It would be most difficult to tell anyone (other than you) how well Koko has fit into our family.  It would be impossible to enumerate all the adjectives that cover his great disposition, his phenomenal learning capabilities, not to mention his GREAT looks (that handsome devil) and of course the teaching done by you regarding "potty training". He is just ten weeks old and he only "goes" on the "potty pad."  For all his duties!!!  At that age we feel this is virtually unbelievable.  Thanks so much for all you have done for Koko and us, both health wise and potty training wise.  Needless to say, we are well pleased with all your services.  From the looks of things, Koko is the only one of many, many Shih Tzus that come out of your breedership well adjusted, well trained, simply GREAT dogs!!! Thanks again.  All the best, Mickey & Art


Zoey is doing great. She loves to cuddle and was giving me puppy kisses from the first moment. She ate and got some water right after we arrived home. Went potty on a pad – I was really impressed! Thank you so much for training her J She was playing with her toys after but the moment the lights were off she went to sleep: no fussing or crying – such a wonderful little girl! Thanks again for a wonderful companion J Julia


 Angel is doing very well, still very small as you predicted. She had her first haircut about 3 weeks ago. Today we bought her an outfit because my daughter had been begging for one. She actually had it on for about 2 hours with no problem. She is very patient with the kids and loves to play with them. She is pretty much potty trained and has learned to use the doggy door to go in and out. Marissa